I’d looked into Cat proofing but found it could be really quite expensive. I was also worried that the shape of my garden and certain features of it wouldn’t be able to be ‘cat-proofed’ Then I came across FeliSafe – a system of brackets and a type of netting which is fixed to the tops of fences (even short fences), walls and vulnerable areas. It’s non-invasive, it protects the perimeter only and once its up, you hardly notice it’s there. Steve & Alan seem to have a solution for every possible escape route, and the whole system was installed in just 2 days for a fraction of the price I was expecting. You can even order the materials from them to DIY-it with their full support and guidance. Although they do love their garden, my furry escapologists have well and truly tried and tested the system, but they haven’t found a way out yet. I definitely recommend it… Not only does cat-proofing keep your cat safe from the dangers of traffic, dogs etc , it stops them roaming and hunting wildlife, it also prevents neighbouring cats getting into your garden, protecting your cats from catching infectious diseases..

So please, if you allow your cats outside or you are thinking of it, please consider Cat-Proofing.

Photographs available by clicking here

Some pics of the finished works, which are approved by the cats. Thank you for your help in sorting out the order. Please feel free to use the pictures on your site and you can add my recommendation regarding the builders: quick, efficient and reasonably priced.



I cannot thank you enough for your system – my two Norwegian Forest kittens absolutely adore being outside, whatever the weather, it is so lovely to see them playing in the garden and having such fun. To be able to use the whole garden and know that they are safe is just wonderful.

I have to confess that when the system was first installed I only let them out under close supervision as Norwegian Forest Cats are known for their climbing/jumpin/escaping capabilities. It turned out to be a good thing as they found they could climb my two palm trees and climb over the netting. After discussing this with Steve he suggested putting clear corrugated roofing panels around the palm trunks which worked and does not look at all unsightly. Now, when I am home, they go out unsupervised with only the occasional glance.

I have no hesitation, what so ever, in recommending FeliSafe to any one who is looking for a secure fencing system for their cats: not only is it escape proof, no other cats can get in, it is affordable, hardly noticeable and easy to install. I was also very impressed with the service that I received from initial contact (I had a long list of questions!) to solving the palm tree problem.

Photographs available by clicking here





Here are some photos.

Thanks for all your help on this – I can go out without worrying now :-) It’s also very unobtrusive.

The system works really well, and the only problems I had were down to me trying to work around existing trees and foliage.

One thing I did do to ensure the brackets don’t sag (I couldn’t get on with the split pins) was to put crenellated washers between the two parts.

Thanks again and good luck!



Hi Steve,

Here are some photographs of the fence. All cats are now securely locked into the garden – which is great!! In terms of recommendation, here is what I’d say.

1. Is the fencing effective?
YES. Although in our case (the garden was large and done in stages) there were lots of places where the cats could get out!! Once the fence was up there was a process of elimination to finally get the garden secured.

2. Is the fencing easy to install?
YES. No issues with installing the fence despite lots of obstacles (trees etc.). I managed to complete over a series of evenings. Steve was very helpful in explaining how to put up and offer advice on best practice (and how to deal with trees)

3. Speed of service?
Very quick – I got all the parts that I needed within a week of order.

4. Is the fencing robust?
After 12 months it appears to be going fine.

So, all in all an excellent produce provided with helpful advice at a good cost and in a timely fashion.



I bought the FeliSafe cat proof fencing system at the end of August. It was easy to install and has turned my whole back yard into a lovely space for my eight cats to play in. They get fresh air, more room and most important of all, are completely safe. My previous cat run was quite small because it had to have a roof. The FeliSafe system is open and airy, looks neat and is totally escape proof. I really would recommend this to anyone who loves their cats.



I would just like to thank FeliSafe for an excellent job and moreover a very reasonable price. They attended at my home address in Southport as promised on time and built a perfect cat safe run for my two Siamese – who can now enjoy the garden in complete safety. Thanks guys.



I have a garden shed and low walls, and I didn’t think that I would be able to have a cat fence but FeliSafe were able to make special brackets for the shed and raise the height of the wall with trellis. I am thrilled with the results (see photos) and think my garden looks better than it did before and more importantly my cats are safe!



Please find attached pictures of my cat proof fence. You will see I made a mistake and left a gap, you will then see that Evie found it too. I have now sorted it out with a couple of rings in the wall. I am really pleased with the fence, my two main worries were it looking like a prison and also other cats getting in. I am happy on both counts, the little cat next door is very, very nosey and she came to see the fence going up, she has not managed to get in.

Evie has not managed to get out and the fence looks just fine, in a bigger garden you wouldn’t really notice it. I put the fence up in a day (I am a woman in her 40s) while it was hard work as it was hard to get the ladder on firm ground and I am scared of going too high so I was working upside down, it was do-able. The brackets went up well as I did pilot holes, I got better with the net as I went along. I found stretching the net twice the best thing to do as I don’t think I could do it enough with just one go.

Thank you so much for all you help and also the speed you worked at for me. Evie is a young cat who has springs for legs, she is however a gentle soul who had a bad start, she has been being bullied and so decided to go further a field which meant across a main road. I could not stand to lose her or for her to be any pain at all so I searched for a way she could go out and be safe – then I found your fence.

Evie is still looking for escape routes but it’s very early days, I’m sure she will give up. It has meant she can go out and enjoy the air without being beaten up, she can’t get out and no other cats can get in. Thanks you so much!!!!!



Thank you for making and installing our wonderful cat fence. I attach some photos. Our cats are much happier now they can go and play outside at will. They are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and chasing all the insects, and they especially love climbing up the holly tree and looking out over the surrounding gardens. We are delighted that they are completely safe. The fence also looks really nice and unobtrusive, and we are enjoying sitting out in the yard now too. Thanks for installing it so quickly (in a day) at such a reasonable price.



We had Felisafe installed on 16th January and it's the best money we have ever spent. We have 3 moggie's, aged 14, 8 and 6 and our younger two would head straight to the top of our shed every morning to check out the presence of any enemies. Then they would make the 10 minute journey round to the front of the house. This involved passing gardens with neighbours cats in, dogs and some anti cat people. We had got to the point where we could only let them out if we were there to keep an eye on them (and any spiteful neighbours.) We decided eventually to take action; to keep our furry kids safe and settle my nerves. We agreed on Felisafe because it had very good reviews and was cost effective. It actually cost more to install it than the materials. We obtained N and R gardening services details through the Felisafe website and what an amazing company they were. Not only did they spent a total of 6+ hours travelling to and from us but they didn't stop all day. They explained our gardens weak spots of which there were 2 main ones and made suggestions on further modifications we could made if our little ones did manage to suss them out. They were worth the installation price without a doubt. After the fencing was installed our 2 youngest were let out to investigate the following day. They got out within 5 minutes which we expected. We have a large fir tree and a row of conifers that we knew would be an issue but I refused to cut them down without trying other solutions first. It's a matter of trial and error. We made some modifications to the fencing and we kept the escaping at bay for 5 days before a 2nd escape route was found. I'm very happy to announce that despite trying they have been garden bound now completely for 10 days. If they do get out now and again (and they shouldn't with what we've done) it is still worth having as it would have minimised the garden leaving by 99%. OK, aesthetically it takes a bit of getting used to. Our garden isn't very wide so it is obvious in places but not in others. Once our garden comes into bloom and we get some more tall bamboo you'd hardly know it's there. I did wonder if installing it was a bit of a mistake at first but then the first time we let them out after the modifications and they knew they couldn't get out it was the nicest feeling to see them playing in the garden, safely. Thank you to Felisafe for their help and excellent customer service on ordering what we needed and thank you to N and R for their professionalism and help with what I needed to order from Felisafe. My stress levels have reduced, my 8 year old Rocky isn't bumping into enemies and getting anxious (he has learnt the garden only smells of him and his brothers now) and all 3 furry kids are happy and that's enough for me.

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