Our Brackets

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Our standard brackets are made in two pieces and powder coated for rust-protection:

The mounting:
Manufactured from steel flat bar 20mm wide 5mm thick and approximately 15 inches in length which is screwed to the fence post or wall.

The bracket (the part that supports the netting):
The bracket which bolts to the mounting using an M8 bolt is made from 16mm wide by 5mm thick steel flat bar and is approximately 30 inches (normal bracket) or 36 inches (corner bracket) long.

The advantages to making the brackets in two parts:

  • The angle of the bracket is easily adjustable in situ.
  • The bracket can be partially lowered if necessary should access be required.
  • In the case of heavy snow building up on the netting, a single-piece bracket would bend, whereas a two-piece bracket can lower instead of bending.
  • It enables you to set each bracket to 2 metres high to ensure there is no need for planning permission.

If you require single piece or custom length or shape brackets, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Tree Brackets

In certain cases when trees are close to the fence the easiest option is to run the cat fencing in front of the tree. Most times a bracket can be screwed directly onto the tree but if this is not possible we can manufacture a bracket which has a band that goes around the tree trunk to give additional support.

Tree brackets are made to order. Please contact us for more details prior to ordering on info@felisafe.co.uk

Aluminium Brackets

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the steel brackets we no longer hold stocks of aluminium. We can still manufacture aluminium brackets but there will be a longer lead time as we will need to order the materials.
Prices for these brackets will depend on the suppliers’ charges at the time of ordering.

More Information

  • We can manufacture brackets to your specifications and requirements; whatever size you require, we can make it.
  • We now manufacture universal corner brackets which are longer than normal brackets and made with a bend in them to bring them into the centre of the corner.
  • Some cat fencing systems may require household planning permission. You can find more information at planningportal.gov.uk
  • Whilst our cat proof system is proven to work, there is always the chance that one will prove the exception to the rule and escape the system. If this happens, we will work with you to modify your system in order to contain your cat and keep them safe.